Shaving a German Shepherd

Shaving a German Shepherd? (Problems You Should Know)

Having a German shepherd at the house means having someone loyal, cute, and full of energy in your daily routines. However, if you are a curious person and take good care of your dog, you might be concerned about releasing him from the coat of that huge fur. Yes, many German shepherd keepers think of shaving their dogs for other health or skincare purposes. But do you know what impacts can happen when you think about shaving a German shepherd? No, not all the time you need to do it for his health or skincare purposes.

Instead, you should know some specific reasons for shaving your German shepherd going alright.

Therefore, in this guide, I will let you know about explicit problems and considerations you will have to keep in mind before shaving your pretty German shepherd. Let’s get started!

Can I Shave My German shepherd?

Before you step in, you must know whether you can shave your German shape red or not.

The answer is pretty simple and given as “No.” That’s true that you cannot even think of shaving your German shepherd just because you think that they are pretty hot.

Don’t clip that beast dog because you will also see that the coat, once cut down, will take much time to grow back. You also don’t know because it may grow in a completely different color or it can be shorter than before.

Besides that, doing this with your child may leave him open for bites and parasites. If you don’t do it without proper consultation with a vet, you should also know that German shepherd shaving can lead the dog to suffer.

Because you may alter all those elements that become the reasons for providing natural heating and cooling to your dog when the coat is around.

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However, it should always be in mind that shaving a German shepherd is recommended when doing it only for medical purposes. Otherwise, don’t even think of that!

What Things Could Happen When You Shave Your German shepherd?

Could Happen When You Shave Your German shepherd?

One thing is sure having a shaved German shepherd means having so many risks to one of the critical assets of your life.

You cannot believe that shaving your beast will lead him towards easy grooming. Because you must know that there are plenty of risks associated with that.

But what actually could happen with your German shepherd when you can’t stop yourself from giving him a complete shave?

Stay here, and tell you some prominent reasons you don’t need to shave your dog. These are given as follows.

  1. Shaving German Shepherd May Ruin the Style and Texture of Your Dog’s Coat:

When you accidentally shave your German shepherd, you should be ready for the most critical cause to his skin.

You will see that those lighter hairs may not come back to their original length. It is something that can impact your dog’s coat by giving it a completely different look and texture.

Moreover, you may not find your dog having the same skin as it had before shaving it. Because that fur will not grow in the same size as before.

Plus, the coat will never look as pretty as before, which is terrible for your pet and makes him suffer losing his beauty.

  1. Shaving Causes Certain Impacts On Your Dog In Summer And Winter:

Naturally, a German Shepherd has skin that consists of an undercoat and guarding hair. Both of these help these dogs insulate themselves from the chilling breeze.

Also, these create a complete ventilation system that helps them stay cool when the summer arrives. You must consider their double coat beneficial for them and take it as a self-adjusting cooling and heating system.

Summer could be hazardous for your favorite dog if you have shaved his skin. Because when you shave a German shepherd in summer, the skin becomes open to the direct heat, which leads to a risk of overheating to their skin.

Different layers of fur over their body help them have a robust air conditioning system that allows these bread to circulate the fresh air within the skin. This provides magnificent cooling to them.

Therefore, do not shave your German shepherd if you don’t want to make him suffer in summer or winter.

3: Effect Of Some Direct Ultraviolet Rays:

Having a shaved GSD means exposing him to direct ultraviolet rays. Because you would have removed that double-coated layer from your dog.

When the sun is shining brightly, and you are outside with your shaved dog, you can let him suffer the sudden sunburns.

These sunburns are very dangerous. They may put your dog at risk of skin irritation and let them have some hot spots on their body because they start licking it to relieve the pain.

Moreover, if the outside period with your dog goes for a more extended period, it can cause sunstroke or overheating skin problems.

4: German Shepherd An Easier Target For Parasites And Mosquitoes:

When the thick skin is around, no mosquito or any other parasites can dare to bite the body of your master dog.

However, that doesn’t remain the same when you cut off your German Shepherd’s long hair. Because when there is no hair, anything, including mosquitoes and others, can bite your dog.

And if these things keep biting your child, he may suffer certain diseases such as fever or others.

5: Slow Guard Hair Growth with Older Shepherds:

When you see you’re getting older, it affects it because the dog’s growth and hair production become slower. This gives a dog a much thinner coat.

Therefore, it is crucial to know that when the dog gets older and shaves it, it may produce different results with their hair.

Because the length of the guard hairs doesn’t go further when these breasts become a little older.

So, shaving this big dog hair may never get him the same hair as when he was younger.

6: The Problem Of Matting With You Shaved German Shepherd:

If you shave the top coat of your dog, it usually grows more slowly than the shaved undercoat. That’s because the topcoat was never meant to have a proper shedding ultimately.

However, when you see this happening, this causes the problem of matting with your dog. It increases your duty to the next level because you will have to do more work when you consider brushing your dog.

Therefore, this also results in the uneven distribution growth of the hair of your German shepherd when the shaving has been done.

What Best Methods You Can Apply To Keep Your German Shepherd Cool While Summer Instead Of Shaving?

What Best Methods You Can Apply To Keep Your German Shepherd Cool While Summer Instead Of Shaving?

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Why shave your German Shepherd when you just can help him survive through that sizzling summer by applying different techniques?

You can do that as you don’t need to go for a shave. Just apply the following alternatives with the dog and make things easier for him this summer!

  1. When there is too much hot out there, you must take the help of a cooling mat to help your dog keep his temperature low.
  2. You can also arrange a pool for your German Shepherds in a shady place where they can play and rest.
  3. Having a small fan will also help them get some fresh air and keep themselves cool and fresh. Have it and arrange it in the direction so that they can enjoy the comfort while lying down.
  4. Make sure that your dog has the best services regarding cooling and safety. This leads to providing this beast with doggie-safe ice lilies and some other treats that you can produce inside your home.
  5. You should also keep adding more ice when you put a water dish in In front of them. This will provide your German shepherd with more cooling than shaving.
  6. Increasing their brushing also gives them comfort to the maximum level. Because your dog will always stay clean and fresh no matter how hot the summer is outside.

All in all, you can try all these things to keep your German shepherd cold and healthy in the summer. Because shaving a German shepherd is not necessarily a solution!

Final Thoughts:

Without a proper consultation with your vet, you must never consider shaving your German shepherd. Because I can ensure that after reaching this far and reading this whole post, you will not like to do something like this with your best dog inside your home. But if you shave a German shepherd, you may face the consequences. Therefore, it is always recommended to shave the dog when there is a need for a particular medical urgency or when your dog gets sick.

In the end, I hope that the article has helped you understand what you were looking for. Let me know if there are more queries to ask by using the comment box. Have a happy day with your dog!


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