Female vs. Male German Shepherds: What's The Difference

Male vs Female German Shepherd: Which is Better?

The German Shepherd is one dog breed that the world’s most dog keepers love. However, while selecting a German Shepherd for yourself, you might be confused in understanding male vs. female German Shepherd as to which one should you get? Undoubtedly, this problem usually occurs with many people because the curiosity to understand which one will stay for a more extended period or suit you best is on the point.

Therefore, I would love to give you the good news

That you have arrived on the best platform. Here, I will guide you on some prominent differences between male and female German Shepherds.

Therefore, please make yourself comfortable and start reading with me. The more you will read, the better you will understand this difference.

Let’s get started with male vs. female German shepherd supremacy.

What Are The Prominent Differences Between Male And Female German Shepherds?

The main reason for what we have gathered here is to find all those differences between a male and female Shepherd dog.

Because knowing this will let you decide whether you will go for a male dog or a female dog.

So, keep reading and find out what those differences are and how you will select your desired dog. These are given as follows.

Difference Between The Temperament Of Male And Female Dog:

The first reasonable and prominent difference between a male German dog and a female dog is their temper.

Yes, temper can result in a change in the behavior of your dog. Therefore, you must know how spirit varies in male and female German shepherds.

To understand this generally, you must know that if you go for a female German shepherd, these are sweeter than male dogs.

Plus, these female dogs are friendlier than the male dogs, which means these suit most families who don’t want anything troubling.

Female dogs always go with a gentle disposition if they are compared to male dogs.

However, on the other side, if you go for a male dog, you must know that male GSD are a little robust and harsh.

These are prominent by marking their territory by spreading their urination. It could be a little troubling situation for some new owners.

But they are good at having strongly built personalities and a prouder sense of character, which is far different from a female dog.

Also, those female ones usually go with higher tolerance when they see strangers or other people in front of them.

Besides that, the female dogs are more protective of their babies when they see danger coming to them.

Difference Between The Personality Of Male Vs Female German Shepherd:


Regardless of the temper, German shepherd males and females have differences in their personalities.

When it comes to your family, these dogs are a little silly, lively, and more playful. You will find any of them closely linked to the person equipping it inside the family.

However, this may convert into a dangerous possessiveness if you don’t correct it as early as possible.

Therefore, both male and female German shepherds are closely linked to you, and there is nothing wrong with that. Because this trait comes with their unique personality.

Difference Between The Size Of Male And Female German Shepherd:

There is also a significant difference between the sizes of both male and female German shepherds.

It is a general thing to know that male dogs are more significant than those female German Shepherd dogs.

To the body size, the male comes with more muscles and stronger bones. But the female ones are a little sleeker with muscles and not as stronger as males are.

When it comes to measuring this size by correct inches, you should know that a male German shepherd can have a height of 24 to 26 inches.

On the other hand, the females may go 22 to 24 inches taller in size with their withers.

Plus, male weighs more than females, and they are more robust as well.

Difference Between Aggressiveness Of Male And Female German Shepherd:

Aggressiveness also plays a vital role in the personality of your dog. Therefore, when differentiating it between males and females, males are more aggressive.

Yes, recent research shows that male German shepherds are more aggressive than those female ones.

Therefore, if you cannot handle your dog’s aggressiveness, you should always consider choosing a female one.

The female companion will stay humble and kind. But again, when it comes to finding the perfect protection and guarding, the male can do it better than the female.

However, they might need some proper training for this job.

Difference In Their Interaction With Children:

Will A German Shepherd Protect You And Your Child?

Children are nearer to the dogs. But when it comes to a German Shepherd, these dogs are mighty and more with power and energy. The GSD is a bit large breed dog, and both males and females possess a lot of power.

Therefore, these special abilities of your dogs may make them a little harder to handle around your kids and children.

But the difference is that female GSD are better at interacting with children than males. This happens due to their less dominant nature.

On the other hand, if you go for a male German Shepherd, it would be a little difficult for you to handle that dog around small children. Because males possess more power and are more aggressive.

Conclusively, female dog breeds are good for families, especially when you have small children in your home!

Difference between The Training Of A Male And Female German Shepherd:

male vs female german shepherd training

When it comes to training your German Shepherd, you must know that they are the most intelligent dogs you have ever met.

You are choosing a brilliant kind and have a natural curiosity for learning some new behaviors as well as commands. Therefore, these German shepherds require you to train them on a daily basis.

However, when it comes to training a male German shepherd, the male ones become more dominant. This usually happens when they mature, and it becomes a little hard for you to prepare a male German shepherd.

On the other hand, the female candidate is easier to train, and they are better for a new owner so that he may train his female German Shepherd.

Thinking of getting a new dog and wondering, Are German Shepherds good with kids?, Learn the best ways to keep your family happy and safe while owning a GSD.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Male vs Female German Shepherd:

Since you have known some prominent differences between these dogs, let me remind you about the advantages and disadvantages of having either a female or a male dog.

This will let you decide which one is going to be the next dog in your house. Please take a look!

Male German Shepherd Female German Shepherd
These are large. These are not.
Doesn’t Live Longer Yes, they do!
Have health problems Have health problems
Not better with children Better with children
Not Easier To Train Easier To Train
More territorial than female Not territorial at all
These are also more dominant with personalities Not that dominant at all
Have more aggressiveness Less aggressive
Have more passiveness with people and property. Not possessive at all.
Provide more protection to property and people. Less Protective of the property and people.
Not good with other dogs of any kind Yes, they are good with other dogs


Therefore, you should always keep these traits of male and female German shepherds if you are going to select a particular one.

So, What Should You Choose Between a Male And Female German Shepherd?

You should never take this decision lightly for choosing a male or female German shepherd. Because this must be done with great care.

You will have to take good care of their home, space, and the environment you are gonna provide them.

Averagely, it must be kept in mind that a female German shepherd usually lives away longer than a male.

It might be more than a year. This could be a factor to consider while selecting a male or female German shepherd.

Therefore, the following are the perimeters that should be kept in mind before selecting either a male dog or a female dog.

  • You need to consider the feeding costs of these dogs.
  • The space requirements must also be in your mind.
  • Keep in mind the issues that you may face while lifting or moving a large dog breed.
  • Their aggressiveness and Protection levels.
  • Also consider the training costs.
  • Besides that, consider the Possessiveness of these dogs.

Moreover, it doesn’t matter if you choose a male or female German shepherd, the care is matters in both cases.

Have a dog and take care of in the right way so that this could be your companion in life.

Final Thoughts:

Choosing between a male vs. female German Shepherd will always depend on your choice of what you want best for yourself. No doubt that both kinds are best in their own ways. But you will have to be sure that if you wish for elite protection and a robust dog, you should go for a male German shepherd. However, if you want a polite lady that would be good with your friends and family, you can have a female German shepherd.

Hence, I hope that I have provided you with all the necessary details that would be enough to make refined decisions. However, do not forget to let me know if you have more questions. I am there to answer them. Take good care of yourself and have a good life with your dog!


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