German Shepherd Games (Fun Activities You’re Missing!)

The German Shepherd meets all the requirements of the ideal dog with whom to play and practice a sporting or intellectual activity. In fact, he is a sporty and intelligent puppy who does not like to be bored. So he plans a lot of games for the German Shepherd!

One of the best shortcuts to training success is using creative German Shepherd games that entice their minds and give their hearts a workout Learn today!

Is the German Shepherd an athlete?

The German Shepherd is a very athletic breed of dog. This dog is endowed with a muscular and strong body. Not only does he like to exercise, he needs it! The ancestors of the German Shepherd are, as the name suggests, shepherd dogs, that is, very resistant animals that are used to living outdoors.

The current German Shepherd is still as dynamic as his ancestors and that is why he is an excellent life companion for owners who are also athletes. You will be able to participate in many games for German Shepherd.

Is the German Shepherd playful?

Of course, your dog loves German Shepherd games. It’s a way to blow off some steam while spending time with his human or another four-legged companion. That is why the game is the center of his concerns.

The German Shepherd is also a very docile dog, which has the ability to understand and respect the limits you set for it. If you have children, do not be afraid to let them play together, your dog is very good-natured by nature.

However, he may not be aware of his size, so he prevents him from playing by jumping on children. The games for the German Shepherd are very varied and you will surely find the most suitable one for your pet easily.

What activities to do with a German Shepherd?

As the GS is a wise and athletic dog, he will gladly participate in all kinds of activities. In addition to games for German Shepherds, there are many activities available for your puppy. If possible, he will be happy to do an outdoor activity. You have several options:

  • excursion
  • rides and races
  • Dog-bikes
  • tracking games
  • obedience games
  • Etc.

Also organize some reflective activities for rainy days. Your German Shepherd will be happy to play with you quietly from time to time. Remember that your German Shepherd is very easy to train, so you will have no problem teaching him a new activity.

Keep in mind that German Shepherd insurance is highly recommended when practicing a canine activity, and in some it is even mandatory.

Games for the German Shepherd: which ones do you prefer?


The canine frisbee

The German Shepherd loves to run; It is definitely what he does best! The canine frisbee is therefore an ideal activity to practice with him. In this way, you share a moment of complicity outdoors while practicing a high-intensity activity to which you can spend a lot of time without getting very tired. It is also a game that you can play with several dogs at the same time, so it is ideal for socializing your dog. Frisbee is therefore one of the must-have games for the German Shepherd.

The Canicross

Canicross consists of jogging with your dog . All you need to do is equip yourself with the right gear (essential to avoid back problems if your dog pulls too hard), and voila! Another perfect game for the German Shepherd! To run with your dog you have to go slowly and not take too long walks so as not to cause muscle injuries. 

This activity allows you to educate your dog on basic commands and is a great way to take care of both of you at the same time! Soon you will see the benefits of having a dog for your own health.

  • Warning: canicross is not recommended for puppies.

The tracking

Tracking, or simply a treasure hunt, is an activity that allows your dog to develop his sense of smell. The German Shepherd has a lot of talent for this, that’s why he was chosen to help the police in his missions. 

Tracking games for German Shepherds are not only an excellent way to educate your dog in basic commands, but it is also a very stimulating activity for him, intellectually speaking.


Favorite activities of the German Shepherd

-Physical Activities and Canine Sports

The German Shepherd is a tremendously active dog, so it needs a lot of physical and mental activity. He loves to take trips to the mountains or to the countryside where he can run, jump or investigate the terrain and perform search and rescue tasks.

Regarding dog sports, the German Shepherd is ideal for canicross (going for a run with the dog joined by a harness), flyball (barrier test that if it overcomes them and presses a pedal, a ball is thrown so that go look for it), bikejoring (going out to ride a bike joined by a harness), discdogging (throwing Frisbee), obedience rally (where the dog must carry out commands and basic training exercises) or agility (race of obstacles that must be overcome only with the help of its owner’s instructions).

-Entertainment activities

The German Shepherd loves to play with balls or any object that he can chase. He is extremely intelligent, so we can try to develop his search ability by hiding one of his toys or treats for him to try to track them down.

It is important to note that thanks to its versatility and adaptability, the German Shepherd can also be used as a search and rescue dog, police dog, guide dog and therapy dog for most of people with special needs, as it enjoys the company of other dogs & people.

Note: Thinking of getting a new dog and wondering, Are German Shepherds good with kids Learn the best ways to keep your family happy and safe while owning a GSD.


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