Are German Shepherds Good With Kids

Are German Shepherd Good With Kids

If you have small children at your home and are thinking of having a new dog to make your home environment more friendly, the question related to are German shepherds good with kids might be disturbing you.

Pat yourself on your shoulder to find yourself in the best place. Because today, I would like to discuss the prominent reasons why these German shepherds are suitable for kids? Whether they could be or not? What things to keep in mind while buying one and more?

Therefore, please stay and spend your day with me. I am here to clear all those negative thoughts about these dogs. Encounter the most amazing facts and characteristics about these dogs and make them your permanent family member.

Are German Shepherds Really Good With Kids?

Are German Shepherds Really Good With Kids?

To keep good family dogs, you must know every detail about them. Because it would be a life-changing decision that should not be taken delicately.

The German shepherd is a forever friend of your family. It is also child friendly and shows you good behavior and manners.

Therefore, you should not be at a problem with this dog inside your home, whether for adults or children.

Undoubtedly, the German shepherd dog is the most intelligent breed among all the pets. Therefore, people love to keep them at their houses.

They are loyal, good, and have a vigilant and active temperament. It would be the best edition for your family to select this dog.

You have to teach your child to respect the dog. Because the dog will automatically respect and care for your child.

They also save you from any unusual event and love to be with all the family members as they have received their professional training.

Will A German Shepherd Protect You And Your Child?

Will A German Shepherd Protect You And Your Child?


Yes, a German shepherd dog is so active and loyal. They can protect their owners from any mishap.

It is the bravest dog to bear all kinds of risks to keep you safe and secure. When you have a German shepherd inside your home, you should know that your dog can smell danger from a certain distance if there is any out there. He will give his best performance to keep you safe.

It’s all clear that the German shepherd is good for the family. Moreover, it would give its hundred percent performance by giving you a good companionship.

You can have these dogs with proper training and socialization. They are the best active breeds for all households.

They are also called the good family dogs because of their calm nature and good intelligence. Despite this, these wolf-like dogs fulfill all your needs and requirements for having a baby dog inside your house.

It forms a good and strong bond with all the family members. It can be the best partner to spend time with as well as the best guardian.

Top 10 Best Reasons Why German Shepherd Is A Good Family Dog:
Will A German Shepherd Protect You And Your family


To give you precise knowledge and a better understanding of whether you should keep a German shepherd inside your home or not, I have come up with the top 10 best reasons.

Give yourself a chance to know all the excellent characteristics of German shepherds and why they are the best among all the other pets.

So, you would love them to have in your house. What would be more impressive than this to have such lovely pets at your most lovely place?

Let’s look at these top ten reasons to keep this masterpiece inside the home. They all are given below.

Reason 1: Exemplary Family Dog:

German shepherds are very gentle and exemplary family dogs. They are preferred over all the other pets due to their amazing nature.

Having kind nature and loyalty makes them perfect. People love to spend their quality time cuddling them.

Moreover, they are best suited for your needs and will be an amazing German shepherd good family dog.

Reason 2: Respect And Protect Their Owner:

These dogs give their best performance to protect their owners. Most police in the world use them to chase criminals.

They also play an essential role in maintaining your safety. Give them respect, treat these dogs with love and affection, and get respect.

Reason 3: Most Active and Vigilant Pet:

People love to have germen shepherds in their homes because they are the most active and vigilant pets.

They have the sense to detect all the dangers and risks at times to keep you safe and secure.

Besides this, they are on high energy levels, and all your children will love to play with this dog as much as they can.

Reason 4: Belongs To A Very Intelligent Breed:

The dogs got a very quick and retentive memory. They can easily remember all the things, commands, memories, and much more.

Also, they can learn different behaviors within a few days. You will love to take work from their intelligence because they are the most innovative and most obedience breed of the dogs ever.

Reason 5: They Are Loyal And Can Learn All The Things:

Having a lovely dog that can be more loyal to you than humans would be more than just a blessing.

You will find this dog very near and dear to you in every hard time.

Moreover, they will become a part of your family and can learn all the things which you want them to know easily.

Reason 6: Best Natural Guard Dogs:

German shepherds can give their best services to you because they are the natural guard dogs.

Giving you the security services for decades, they are the best to keep their family safe.

So, they are the best, save your family from all the enemies.

Reason 7: Excellent And Marvellous Companions:

You should not worry about being alone when your family members are busy accomplishing their tasks.

They can be excellent companions, and you would love to spend your free time playing with this lovely creature.

Moreover, they are so sweet and have a friendly nature and a lot of intelligence.

Reason 8: Healthy And Strong Physics:

Usually, the adults are healthy and getting strong physic. A good diet will help them to keep healthy and fit.

So, if you love to have a dog in your house, a German shepherd would be an excellent breed for you. Moreover, they got strong teeth and bones that help them digest their food correctly.

Reason 9: They Are Children Friendly:

Undoubtedly, these dogs are children friendly due to their polite and pleasant nature. They love your children if they get proper socializing training early.

Therefore, puppies are given training with affection, love, and care at different institutions. Tell your children not to disturb them while they want to remain alone or while eating.

Reason 10: Can Also Adapt Any Life Style:

The craziest and most exciting fact about German shepherds is that they can adopt any lifestyle you want them to.

Therefore, you should not make your day according to your dog. Instead of this, your dog can adjust to an environment precisely according to you.

Do’s And Don’ts for Having German Shepherds At Your Home:

Besides knowing all these reasons, you must know some pros and cons while having a German shepherd family dog.

You have to know these all to better experience these dogs. So, let’s have a look at them for a better understanding.


  • Always have to ask for permission before playing with the German shepherd.
  • Try to behave well and give your dog as much respect as possible.
  • Give your dog the best food and take care of their nutrition.
  • Take care of them and give them proper attention.


  • Please do not disturb them while eating their food.
  • Do not run them because this action might scare them, and they will lose confidence.
  • Do not make loud noises in front of them.
  • Avoid or ignore the negative behaviors of the dogs and do not pay attention to them.

Final Thoughts:

If you have spent your time reading this post, you probably have the best idea about are German shepherds good with kids. I tried my best to give you reasons for liking them and disliking them. Besides, you will also find things you can do with these dogs and things that you don’t. However, if you still have problems, use the comment box given below and let me know how I can help you.

Hence, thanks for reading, and if you loved it, do not forget to give it a share. Keep coming for the latest news on these dogs. Have a nice day!




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